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Welcome back to Harland Creek where there is always a mystery to solve!

I’m Dove Agnew and I was settling into a routine of working at my mom’s quilt shop in the sleepy town of Harland Creek.
Just my luck, on the one day I go back to church, there’s a dead body in the baptismal. It’s not just anyone, it’s Pastor John’s sister, Eleanor Simmons!
Unlike the kind-hearted Pastor, Eleanor was mean as a snake and had a lot of enemies in our town.
After an eye witness comes forward to point the finger at Pastor John as the number one suspect, it’s up to me, and the quilting ladies of Harland Creek and their pet goat, Petunia, to put our heads together to find the real suspect and clear the Pastor of murder charges.
Never let it be said, that nothing exciting ever happens in a small town!