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Lakehouse Promises
Carolina Johnson had the life everyone wanted. A solid marriage of twenty years. A gorgeous house in the most desirable neighborhood. Friends at the country club. Yet, somehow, she always felt the other shoe would drop.

And drop it did! When she discovered her husband’s affair with a girl half his age. Even more devastating, she’s pregnant.

Now divorced, she has to start over in a lake house with too many issues to list, a neighbor who doesn’t like her and zero friends. To make matters worse, her outrageously rude former mother-in-law shows up and expects to spend a few days.

At forty years of age, Carolina has to start her life over from scratch and draw on the last vestiges of strength she has to make a life for herself.

A new life, new problems, and new relationships…can Carolina find out what matters the most in life and discover what true love really looks like? Or will she refuse to let go of the past and the bitterness that threatens to steal her happiness?

This women’s divorce fiction book will have you rooting for the heroine and everything she has to overcome. 

Lakehouse Secrets
Hannah Reece is facing the first Christmas without her husband, James, since his untimely death.

He was one in a million, and due to his generosity, the local hospital is dedicating a wing in his honor.

It should be a time of celebration, but when Hannah receives an anonymous letter threatening to reveal James’ crime of embezzlement if she doesn’t pay up, the sinister mystery throws her into turmoil.

Caught between protecting their children and his legacy and wanting to discover the truth, Hannah sets out to see for herself if the allegations are true.

She won’t be alone as she enlists the help of her new friend, Carolina Johnson, to help her discover who penned the horrid letter.

Will Hannah uncover a devious plot to smear her husband’s reputation, or will she make an unexpected discovery and realize he might not be the man she thought she had married?

Lakehouse Secrets is the second book in the Laurel Cove series that follows the lives of unforgettable women who live on the cozy lake house community in North Carolina. Readers love these characters who face life’s difficulties with unwavering strength, a few tears, and a hint of humor.

Lakehouse Dreams
Sarah Williams wants nothing to do with small-town life. But after the sudden death of her parents, she is forced to return home to Hopeton, North Carolina to raise her young brother, Johnny.
All her ambitions of making it big as a singer in Hollywood are just that…dreams.
Sarah is now forced to find an occupation that doesn’t stifle her creative nature. Finding a job like that in Hopeton is almost impossible.
Things go from bad to worse when she learns Johnny is failing in school. Even the school officials don’t bother to hide the fact she is far from doing everything right when it comes to parenting.
She must rely on her friends, young and old, to carve out a home out of Hopeton, and with a little help from destiny, get everything her heart desires.
This is the third book in the heartwarming Laurel Cove Series!

Lakehouse Christmas
In the picturesque town of Hopeton, where the snowflakes twirl and the holiday spirit is infectious, Rebecca Sims is still struggling to find joy after her world fell. Five years ago her husband abandoned her for her own sister, Julie, Rebecca's heart shattered, leaving her to pick up the pieces alone. Battling through the storm of divorce, she clung to her job as a determined bank loan officer, rebuilding her life one penny at a time.

Just when Rebecca thought she was finding her footing, her world is turned upside down once more by an unexpected visitor – Julie, returning for Christmas. Panic sets in, threatening to undo all the progress Rebecca fought so hard for. Desperate for stability, she decides to open her home, taking a leap of faith and renting out a room in her charming lake house on Laurel Cove.

Enter the older stranger who walks through her door, bringing with her an air of mystery and a sprinkle of courage. Together, they navigate the complexities of life, teaching Rebecca that healing comes in unexpected forms. As she grapples with her past and the painful betrayals, Rebecca learns to confront her trials head-on, embracing the power of friendship and the promise of new beginnings.