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Mystery of the Tea Cup Quilt
Hi! I’m Dove Agnew, former successful dress designer who was living the high life in New York, until my sleazy business partner used my business to move his drugs, leaving me to pack my ruined reputation and move back home to the tiny town of Harland Creek.

Despite the setback, all was going relatively well until I found Gertrude Brown’s body on the floor of my mom’s quilt shop. Now, rumors are flying and all eyes are on me. I’m a murder suspect! Even my ex-boyfriend, the current chief of police, is suspicious of me.

Now, it’s up to me to clear my name and find out who the real killer is before someone else gets hurt. But I’m going to need help, and the Harland Creek Quilters, and a goat named Petunia, are just the group to get things done. 

Welcome to the new series set in the beloved town of Harland Creek. 

With the quilting club ladies and a sidekick, which happens to be a goat, this book will keep you guessing and laughing out loud!


Mystery of the Drunkard's Path
Welcome back to Harland Creek where there is always a mystery to solve!

I’m Dove Agnew and I was settling into a routine of working at my mom’s quilt shop in the sleepy town of Harland Creek.
Just my luck, on the one day I go back to church, there’s a dead body in the baptismal. It’s not just anyone, it’s Pastor John’s sister, Eleanor Simmons!
Unlike the kind-hearted Pastor, Eleanor was mean as a snake and had a lot of enemies in our town.
After an eye witness comes forward to point the finger at Pastor John as the number one suspect, it’s up to me, and the quilting ladies of Harland Creek and their pet goat, Petunia, to put our heads together to find the real suspect and clear the Pastor of murder charges.
Never let it be said, that nothing exciting ever happens in a small town!


Mystery of the Exploding Heart
Get ready for a thrilling ride as you join me, Dove Agnew, in The Mystery of the Exploding Heart.

 After a solving the last case in Harland Creek, I was looking forward to some much-needed rest. But that plan goes out the window when I discover that my ex-boyfriend, Dean, has gone missing. Determined to find him, I travel to Tennessee, only to uncover a bigger mystery. A young college student has also disappeared, and the whole campus is on edge.

As I struggle to unravel the mystery on my own, I get unexpected help from the quirky and lovable Harland Creek Mystery Quilters, along with their loyal goat, Petunia. But as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, I begin to question everything I thought I knew about Dean and myself. Will I be able to solve the mystery before it's too late? Or will I become the next victim?

Join me on this suspenseful page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 

Will I solve the mystery and come out unscathed? Or will I pay the ultimate price? 


Mystery of the Log Cabin
Hi, I’m Dove Agnew and let me tell you, it’s been a year in the small Southern town of Harland Creek.

Just when I thought I could take a break from solving murders and sort out my emotions, fate had other plans. Dean, my ex-boyfriend and local chief of police, confessed that he still had feelings for me. Unable to resist our emotional connection, we began meeting in secret around town to talk, but our meetings often led to passionate and guilt-ridden kisses.
Dean suggested we escape to his secluded log cabin for some much-needed privacy and to resolve our complicated situation. Hoping for a peaceful getaway, we expected heart-to-heart conversations to make sense of our emotions. However, our romantic intentions were shattered when, on our first night at the cabin, we opened the door to discover Luke Merriweather, a local resident, lifeless on our doorstep with an arrow in his chest.

As the small town's law enforcement struggles to uncover the truth, a cloud of suspicion hangs over certain residents, each of whom becomes a potential suspect.

I turn to my tribe of mystery quilters, a tight-knit group of amateur sleuths who excel in piecing together puzzles, both in fabrics and in investigations. Among them is Petunia, a quirky pet goat with an uncanny knack for sniffing out clues. Together, we must dig into the tangled web of secrets, lies, and hidden motives that lie beneath the surface of our seemingly idyllic small town.

As the investigation deepens, my team and I soon realize that the mystery surrounding Luke Merriweather’s death is far more complex than we ever anticipated. Each revelation uncovers long-buried secrets and exposes unexpected connections between the town's inhabitants. As we encounter unexpected twists and threats, we must decipher the clues to unmask the true culprit and bring justice to our community.

In "The Mystery of the Log Cabin," I learn that the line between friends and enemies in a small town can blur, making it challenging to trust anyone.

This cozy mystery will captivate you with its cleverly woven plot, charming characters, and heartwarming friendships, leaving you eagerly turning pages to discover who can be trusted in a town where secrets run deep.