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Sarah Williams wants nothing to do with small-town life. But after the sudden death of her parents, she is forced to return home to Hopeton, North Carolina to raise her young brother, Johnny.
All her ambitions of making it big as a singer in Hollywood are just that…dreams.
Sarah is now forced to find an occupation that doesn’t stifle her creative nature. Finding a job like that in Hopeton is almost impossible.
Things go from bad to worse when she learns Johnny is failing in school. Even the school officials don’t bother to hide the fact she is far from doing everything right when it comes to parenting.
She must rely on her friends, young and old, to carve out a home out of Hopeton, and with a little help from destiny, get everything her heart desires.
This is the third book in the heartwarming Laurel Cove Series! If you love unforgettable characters who prevail against the trials in life, this series is for you!