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Lying on her job application wasn’t the best way to kick off her fresh start in a small town, but Heather Smith is out of options. She desperately needs the job, or she will soon be without a place to live. Even so, Heather truly likes Elizabeth Harland,  the old woman who hired her as her caregiver, and is eager to work hard and prove she’s right for the task. 
Now, if she could just figure out why a local farmer keeps casting suspicious glares her way... 
Sure, Grayson McCade has his hands full with his farm. That doesn’t change the fact that he considers the residents of Harland Creek family, and he takes time to look out for them all. The second he learns a newcomer has been hired to care for Elizabeth, he worries the kind-hearted old woman is being scammed.
Acting on what he believes to be the best of intentions, he sets out to uncover the truth about Heather’s past. Will the secrets revealed tarnish Heather’s new start before it even begins? Or will Grayson help make Harland Creek the home her heart longs for? 


Olivia MacCade prefers flowers to people. Other than the occasional thorn poke, she figures plants are far less likely to hurt her.

It was that realization that caused her to leave her nursing career behind and settle into the calming aromas of her flower shop. The plan worked great... until a huge wedding contract put her face to face with the man who broke her heart and shattered her dreams.  

Needing someone at her side to help her through this, Olivia turns to Sam Hunter. While he’s been a constant reassuring presence in her life, his womanizing ways make it hard for her to ever see him as more than a friend.  

But Sam has a secret all his own. For years he’s hidden his true feelings for Olivia. Now, as she looks to him for comfort, Sam must find a way to juggle her fragile heart and his own stirring emotions.


Gabriela Jackson thought all her dreams of escaping small town living and traveling the world were coming true when she signed a modeling contract with an elite New York agency. She soon discovered the darker side of beauty. After refusing to sleep with a photographer to land a magazine cover, she’s labeled as difficult and black balled in the industry. With nowhere else to turn, she returns to her aunt’s house in Harland Creek. But her homecoming is far from warm. 

Judgmental stares. Incessant gossip behind her back. Hurtful preconceived notions. Now, more than ever, Gabrial is determined to prove only she can define who she is as a person. 

Colin Bennet left his wealthy English family to forge his own path as a writer. The small town charm of Harland Creek seemed the perfect place to open a book store and focus on penning his first novel. Turns out that second part would be far easier if American women weren’t falling all over him simply because of his accents. 

But there is one who seems uninterested in his worldly charms. An intoxicating beauty with razor sharp wit and striking intelligence. She comes to him with plans for a business collaboration... and it may be the key to both of them getting all they ever wanted. 


Christmas magic comes to Harland Creek! 

Ever the introverted bookworm, Eliza Ross has read many love stories set to a backdrop of sleigh bells and snow flurries. But turning the pages of her favorite authors’ latest release is the closest she’s ever come to that kind of romance. Convinced it would be yet another holiday full of itchy Christmas sweaters and family gatherings, Eliza takes a break from her college courses and ventures home to the small town of Harland Creek. Little does she know more than tinsel and holly berries await her there. 

For as long as she can remember, Eliza has had a crush on Jake Denton. Not that he even knew she existed... or so she thought. Yet when a winter storm traps them together, they learn they have more in common than Eliza ever could have imagined. 

While the weather outside is frightful, seeing the softer side of Jake is truly delightful. Will the blinding blizzard open their eyes to the magical connection between them?


Grace Witherspoon’s experiences in New York were far from pleasant. To escape a nightmarish ex, she did the unthinkable.

Left everything behind… and ran.

The second Grace enters the sweet little town of Harland Creek, she falls in love with its neighborly ambiance. It is the perfect place to hide... as long as no one finds out who she really is. That seems easy enough to avoid until the local cop starts hanging around trying to make nice. Sure, he is the perfect man and sweetly protective, but Grace is done with men... or is she?

After catching his fiancée with another man, police officer Sloan Jackson decides it’s best to focus on crime rather than love. Unfortunately, his match-making sister is convinced Grace is perfect for Sloan. Despite his fear of being hurt again, Sloan’s heart softens the first time he lays eyes on Grace. Unfortunately, as the two grow closer, the past comes back to haunt them.

Can their budding relationship withstand the secrets bubbling to the surface? Or will all that's revealed destroy any chance at happiness Grace and Sloan could have had?


Allison Jackson has a secret. 

And she’s trying hard to keep it from everyone in Harland Creek.

Struggling to get new clients for her interior decorating business, trying to keep her bossy older brother Sloan from interfering in her personal life, and attempting to keep her friends in the dark is starting to wear on her. Not to mention whenever she looks at Mitch Wood, her stomach turns to butterflies. But her brother’s best friend won’t ever feel the same way about her.

Police officer, Mitch Wood has always loved the one girl he could never have. Allison Jackson. If his best friend Sloan caught wind that he was in love with his little sister, Mitch would be picking his teeth up off the floor and their friendship would be over.

But when Allison offers to help Mitch remodel his late grandmother’s house, he can’t refuse. Working late hours together, might be all the push he needs to make his intentions clear. Allison’s not the only one hiding a secret.

When secrets are revealed can their love survive the truth or will they both end up tearing their friendship apart.


Impulsive, unpredictable, unexpected.

Just a few words that describe Tabitha Miller. And those descriptions are exactly why she can’t find love in the small town of Harland Creek. 

But when she ends up on a blind date that quickly turns into a disaster, a familiar face from her past swoops in and saves the day…much to her chagrin.

Cautious, predictable, prepared 

Neal McLean is nothing if not always prepared. From his job to his relationships. He has no desire for love but when he sees Tabitha in need of a hero, he can’t help but come to her rescue.

Now they are stuck together trying to solve one of his biggest cases.

Where some women would run from danger, Tabitha rushes in.

Though their chemistry is undeniable, can they overcome their differences and find a love that will last a lifetime?

CANDY CANE CHRISTMAS “A cozy opposites attract love story just in time for Christmas.”

A young woman desperate for a job, a single veterinarian who needs help, and a charity that will melt your heart.

Missy Long has a spending problem. Coupled with the fact she can’t decide on a career means bad news when Christmas is upon her and she’s up to her eyeballs in debt.
When her hours at her part-time job get cut, she’s desperate to find something—anything--to pay the bills.

Zander Howell, the single vet in town, has a dream of opening a rescue dog farm for animals. After getting his heart broken, he’s determined to focus on helping animals find a home and give up on finding his soul mate. When he discovers the perfect property listing, he’s determined to raise the money to buy it. And Missy Long is the woman to help him with his charity.

But, there’s only one problem. Missy is deathly afraid of dogs. When Zander makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she lies, says she’s a dog lover, and takes the job.

Despite being complete opposites, the more time they spend together, the more their feelings grow for one another. That is, until secrets start to come out and they have to make a decision. Forgive and give love a chance? Or, will they let love slip away and melt like snow?
Are you ready for a charming and delightful romantic journey that will leave you longing for more? Join us in the enchanting town of Harland Creek and embark on an unforgettable adventure with "Promise of a Hero" by acclaimed author Jodi Allen Brice.

Felicia Dantry's world is turned upside down when she receives an invitation to her ex's wedding. Determined not to let the town of Harland Creek think she's still hung up on her former flame, Felicia knows she needs a plan. And what better way to save face than to show up with a dashing date on her arm?

Enter Ethan Rodriguez – a retired military hero and the new caretaker of the beloved dog farm rescue. When Felicia proposes an irresistible proposition to be her wedding date, he can't resist the chance to help her out. Little do they know that their pretend relationship will ignite a powerful connection neither of them saw coming.
As Felicia and Ethan spend more time together, their hearts begin to open, and the chemistry between them becomes undeniable. But will they seize this opportunity for love or let it slip away? Can they overcome their pasts and embrace the promise of a brighter future together?

In "Promise of a Hero," Jodi Allen Brice masterfully weaves a tale of unexpected love and personal growth. With her signature blend of heartwarming moments, witty dialogue, and sizzling romance, she captures the essence of small-town charm and the power of second chances.