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Christmas magic comes to Harland Creek! 

Ever the introverted bookworm, Eliza Ross has read many love stories set to a backdrop of sleigh bells and snow flurries. But turning the pages of her favorite authors’ latest release is the closest she’s ever come to that kind of romance. 

Convinced it would be yet another holiday full of itchy Christmas sweaters and family gatherings, Eliza takes a break from her college courses and ventures home to the small town of Harland Creek. 

Little does she know more than tinsel and holly berries await her there. 

For as long as she can remember, Eliza has had a crush on Jake Denton. Not that he even knew she existed... or so she thought. Yet when a winter storm traps them together, they learn they have more in common than Eliza ever could have imagined. 

While the weather outside is frightful, seeing the softer side of Jake is truly delightful. Will the blinding blizzard open their eyes to the magical connection between them?
***This book was formally published as Christmas in Cloverton and has been rewritten***